How to Use the Crochet Translator

Step 1: Copy the your pattern straight from your PDF or webpage.

Step 2: Paste your pattern into the box on the left, or simply type straight into the box.

Step 3: Select whether you want to translate from US to UK terms or UK to US terms.

Step 4: Click ‘translate’ and enjoy being able to instantly work on your pattern in whatever terms you’re most comfortable with!

Please note: the Translator is currently in testing mode. If you have any feedback for us please contact us to let us know how to make it better!

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Crochet Stitch Guide

Which stitch is which? Now that you’ve translated your pattern from US to UK terms (or the other way around) you may find that you need a refresher on what some of the stitches are. Check out our handy Crochet

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Crochet Hook Sizes

When you’re new to crochet – and sometimes even when you’re not – all the different terms can get pretty confusing. Not only do we have different terms for stitches, but there are different names for hooks! Before you get

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Yarn Guide

Not only do we have different terms for crochet stitches and crochet hooks, there are different names for yarns as well! Below we have a list of the most common names for different types of yarns, as well as suggested

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Recent Projects

Atlanticus by Hooked on Sunshine


After the absolute ball I had making my Phoenix by Hooked on Sunshine (you can have a look at it here) I was itching to start a new HoS pattern. This time I wanted to make something for my Dad – he loves the ocean so Atlanticus seemed to be…

Phoenix by Hooked on Sunshine


Last year I decided to challenge myself to make something that put me well outside my comfort zone. I saw a post on the Australian Crochet Community Facebook page about the Phoenix CAL by Hooked on Sunshine and decided that I would take a massive flying leap outside my comfort…

12 Point Star Baby Blanket


I’ve wanted to make a 12 Point Star Blanket for a while now – I’ve seen some beautiful ones in a crochet Facebook group that I’m part of and was inspired by them to have a go at it. So with a 13-hour road trip and some lovely thick SpotSaver…

Best Crochet Hooks


Every crocheter has their favourite tools – part of the fun of the craft is playing with different hook sizes, different yarns and different gadgets and inventions to make it all easier. Here’s a round up of the best crochet hooks we could find – let us know if you…

Tetris Blanket


I designed this bright and happy Tetris blanket for my son – he used to love Tetris as a child (who didnt?) and I wanted to make him something that was special that he can keep forever. It features 228 solid granny squares, laid out to replicate the design of…