12 Point Star Baby Blanket


I’ve wanted to make a 12 Point Star Blanket for a while now – I’ve seen some beautiful ones in a crochet Facebook group that I’m part of and was inspired by them to have a go at it.

So with a 13-hour road trip and some lovely thick SpotSaver yarn I gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was once you get the hang of the repeats and it worked up quite quickly.

I used a combination of a video tutorial by Bella Coco <here> and a written pattern by Celeste Young <here> (largely because the reception in the car was rubbish and the video kept dropping out) so I needed some written instructions. Bella Coco also does a great left-handed 12 point star tutorial, which is awesome if you’re a leftie like me.

For this blanket, which is baby size, I used most of one ball of Spot Saver in yellow and about half a ball each of Spot Saver in Silver and Cream from Spotlight. The cream is kind of more of a just-off-white than it looks in the image below, as you can see from the photo of my completed blanket so it actually all works really well together. Oh, and I used a 5mm hook.



After a bit of a false start with getting the increase/decrease thing right to make the pointy bits of the star and a small learning curve to slip stitch into the corners before starting a new round (which I’ve never done before) I found this blanket to be a dream to work up.

All in all, if you’ve never made a 12-point star, I highly recommend it! Just count your increases carefully to make sure you don’t add too many in, which will make it buckle.