Hi, my name is Kerrin and I have a confession to make.

I’m a crochet addict.

I have yarn stashed all over the house.

I have WAY more crochet hooks than one person needs (it’s normal to have five 4mm hooks, right? Isn’t it? Guys?)

I have a major problem with UFOs and WIPS in my house (that’s Unfinished Objects and Works in Progress – you do want to be careful talking about these things in public sometimes!)

And I am no longer allowed to go to Spotlight, Lincraft or any shop selling yarn unattended 🙂

But one of the things that drives me COMPLETELY BONKERS about my favourite hobby is the mental gymnastics involved in needing to translate between US & UK terminology all the time. I mean, it’s okay if you have just a couple of stitches involved in a project but what about when you start getting into those really complex patterns, CALs and designs that require an entire set of PDFs to finish the piece?

How frustrating is it to get to the end of a round and realise that you doubled when you should have trebled because you forgot what ‘language’ you were working in halfway through?

I may have complained about this – at length – on several occasions (and using language more colourful than the yarn I was using at the time!). Which is why the Crochet Translator was created. It seamlessly translates all crochet terminology from US terms to UK terms and from UK terms to US terms. So no matter what language you’re working in, we’ve got you covered.

If you love how much easier the Crochet Translator makes your life, please feel free to share it with everyone you know who could do with a little help to be a happier hooker!