12 Point Star Baby Blanket



I’ve wanted to make a 12 Point Star Blanket for a while now – I’ve seen some beautiful ones in a crochet Facebook group that I’m part of and was inspired by them to have a go at it.

So with a 13-hour road trip and some lovely thick SpotSaver yarn I gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was once you get the hang of the repeats and it worked up quite quickly.

I used a combination of a video tutorial by Bella Coco <here> and a written pattern by Celeste Young <here> (largely because the reception in the car was rubbish and the video kept dropping out) so I needed some written instructions. Bella Coco also does a great left-handed 12 point star tutorial, which is awesome if you’re a leftie like me.

For this blanket, which is baby size, I used most of one ball of Spot Saver in yellow and about half a ball each of Spot Saver in Silver and Cream from Spotlight. The cream is kind of more of a just-off-white than it looks in the image below, as you can see from the photo of my completed blanket so it actually all works really well together. Oh, and I used a 5mm hook.



After a bit of a false start with getting the increase/decrease thing right to make the pointy bits of the star and a small learning curve to slip stitch into the corners before starting a new round (which I’ve never done before) I found this blanket to be a dream to work up.

All in all, if you’ve never made a 12-point star, I highly recommend it! Just count your increases carefully to make sure you don’t add too many in, which will make it buckle.


Tetris Blanket



I designed this bright and happy Tetris blanket for my son – he used to love Tetris as a child (who didnt?) and I wanted to make him something that was special that he can keep forever. It features 228 solid granny squares, laid out to replicate the design of the old school game that was everyone’s secret favourite!

It was super hard to get a photo of it because of how large it is – it’s roughly 160cm x 230cm. I should have mentioned that my son is a grown man and I wanted to make it large enough to fit on a large couch or double bed. I was standing on a chair to get this shot but I was only just tall enough to get it all in frame!

If you want to skip straight to downloading the PDF pattern, click this link: Crochet-Translator-Tetris-Blanket-Pattern-PDF

To make the blanket, I used Marvel 8 ply from Spotlight and a 4mm hook. I probably would have liked to use a heavier weight yarn to be honest, but getting the right colours was super important. Here are the colours I used (which we matched as closely as we could to the original colours from the game):

Marvel 1002 – Black

Marvel 1003 – Red

Marvel 1009 – Sun Gold

Marvel 1025 – Purple

Marvel 1061 – Charcoal

Marvel 1065 – Orange

Marvel 1066 – Royal Blue

Marvel 1067 – Aqua

Marvel 2005 – Lime

You really could use any 8ply you want – or any ply and a corresponding hook for that matter. It’ll just change the size of the finished blanket.

I averaged about 10-11 squares from each ball of yarn and then needed extra for all of the joining. How much you need will depend on your tension.

Crochet-Translator-Tetris-Blanket-Join-Close-UpEach square is 5 rounds, the final round has 19 treble crochets (UK)/double crochets (US) on each side. For the corners I only used a chain 1, as I wanted the squares to be quite solid.

Because I wanted the design to look as seamless as possible, I used Mattress Stitch to invisibly join the squares, changing colours to ensure that the yarn I was using to stitch with was the same colour as one of the squares that were being joined. You can see how well it worked in the image just here.

Once the entire thing was joined, I did one round of double crochets (UK)/single crochets (US) and one round of half treble crochets (UK)/half double crochets (US) as a border.

You can download the PDF pattern I created for this blanket by clicking the link below >>


Fun Facts for the geeks out there (like me!):

  • There are 228 solid grannies (I actually made 230 by accident so had a couple of spares #forgothowtocount).
  • There are over 51,000 treble crochets, half treble crochets and double crochets (or double crochets, half double crochets and single crochets if you use US terms).
  • It took me 41 hours of invisible joining to join all of the squares together.
  • The blanket used 7,830 metres of yarn … give or take a bit!

If you need any help translating any crochet stitches from US terms to UK terms (or the other way around), head to the home page to test out out Crochet Translator – it’s a total lifesaver!

Happy Hooking 🙂