Crochet Hook Sizes

When you’re new to crochet – and sometimes even when you’re not – all the different terms can get pretty confusing. Not only do we have different terms for stitches, but there are different names for hooks! Before you get ready to throw a ball of yarn at the wall in despair, here’s a handy guide to converting hook sizes from Metric to US to UK.

These days you’ll often find that hooks have Metric and US gauge on them, but if you come across some old patterns that specify hook sizes, or you get your hands on some vintage hooks, our conversion chart might be just what you need.

Feel free to save the infographic below to your Pinterest account if you want to be able to access it easily anytime 🙂



Crochet Hook Care

Once you’ve invested in all of your crochet hooks you’re going to want to keep them in tip top condition – even though you can get some that are quite inexpensive and still really good, you don’t want to be rushing out buying replacements all the time (after all, you could use that money to buy more yarn!).

Head over to our Blog to see our guide to great hook care!