How to Do a Left Handed US Single Crochet

How to do a US Single Crochet (SC)

US Single Crochet (SC) is also known as UK Double Crochet (DC)
(Handy hint: if you’re not sure whether a pattern is in US or UK terms, look for a reference to Single Crochet (SC). If the pattern mentions this stitch, it’s using US terms. SC doesn’t exist in UK terminology.

How to do a US Single Crochet: you should already have your foundation chain done, or have the row you’re working into ready. If you’re working into a stitch, you want to put your hook under the whole ‘V’ that the top of the stitch forms as we can see indicated by the arrow in the first image below.  ‘Yarn Over’ means to loop your yarn around your hook.

Step 1: Identify the stitch you need to work into.
Step 2: insert your hook into the stitch or space.
Step 3: Yarn Over (YO) around your hook.
Step 4: pull your hook back through the stitch you just inserted it into. You should have 2 loops on your hook.
Step 5: YO your hook again.
Step 6: pull your hook through both loops you already have on it.
Step 7: Completed US Single Crochet/UK Double Crochet