How to Do a Left Handed US Treble Crochet

US Treble Crochet (TR/TRC) is also known as UK Double Treble Crochet (DTR/DTRC)

How to do a US Treble Crochet: you should already have your foundation chain done, or have the row you’re working into ready. For this stitch, you’ll either be working underneath the ‘V’ of the top of a stitch, or into a space between stitches, depending on what your pattern calls for.

Don’t panic by how many steps there are to this stitch! It’s all just a repetition of the same Yarn Over, Pull Through, Yarn Over, Pull Through steps in a US Double Crochet (UK Treble).

For a closer look at any of the steps, just click on the photo to enlarge it.

Step 1: Identify the stitch or space you’re going to be working into.
Step 2: Yarn Over (YO) around your hook TWICE.
Step 3: Insert your hook into the stitch or space you’re working into.
Step 4: YO around your hook.
Step 5: pull your hook back through the stitch or space you just inserted it into.
Step 6: you should have 4 loops on your hook.
Step 7: YO and pull your hook through the first 2 loops.
Step 8: after completing Step 7, you should have 3 loops left on your hook.
Step 9: YO around your hook again.
Step 10: pull your hook back through 2 of the loops left on the hook.
Step 11: you should have 2 loops left on your hook.
Step 12: YO around your hook one more time.
Step 13: pull your hook through the last 2 loops left on the hook.
Step 14: your US Treble Crochet / UK Double Treble Crochet is complete!