Left Handed Crochet

If, like me, you’re left handed you’ll have found that there are about a gazillion explanations, picture tutorials and video tutorials for right handed crochet. And maybe, like me, you’ll have gotten pretty good at reversing the whole process in your head and working out how to make it left handed. Or you’ve sat opposite someone who crochets right handed and tried to copy that. Or you’ve even tried to teach yourself how to crochet right handed (I tried this – my brain simply wouldn’t transfer the information to my right hand!). All these things can work, but sometimes, that’s just all a bit too hard – especially if you’re a beginner.

That’s why I’ve put together this page of crochet instructions for left handed beginners.

Below, you’ll find links to pages of step-by-step photo guides for the basic crochet stitches you need to learn to be able to make all kinds of beautiful crocheted items – and I’ll be complementing them with video tutorials as well, all done by a natural leftie: me 🙂

If you’d like me to add any stitches to this list, please contact us to let me know and I’ll do my best!

How to Do a Left Handed Chain Stitch

How to Do a Left Handed US Single Crochet / UK Double Crochet

How to Do a Left Handed US Double Crochet / UK Treble Crochet

How to Do a Left Handed US Half Double Crochet / UK Half Treble Crochet

How to Do a Left Handed US Treble Crochet / UK Double Treble Crochet