Yarn Guide

Not only do we have different terms for crochet stitches and crochet hooks, there are different names for yarns as well!

Below we have a list of the most common names for different types of yarns, as well as suggested hook sizes to use with them. Remember, your hook size will depend on the type of yarn used, the project you’re making and your own personal tension, so it’s always a good idea to check your gauge if you’re making something where size really does matter.



How much yarn will I need?

Unless you’re using a pattern that gives you a guideline as to how much yarn you’ll need it can be tricky to work out how many balls you’ll need to finish your project off … and there’s nothing worse than playing Yarn Chicken and losing or having loads more yarn than you actually needed.

So, I did some measuring to see how much yarn each standard size stitch uses (yes, I actually sat here with a tape measure and measured them!) and I’ve listed them below.

Bear in  mind: my tension will be different to yours, so these are a general guide but if you need to work out a rough quantity for a project it could just be helpful.

Fine / Baby / 4 ply using a 3mm hook

Chain 10 = 24cm
US SC / UK DC = 6cm
US DC / UK TRC = 10cm
US HDC / UK HTRC = 8cm
US TRC / UK Double TRC = 13cm

DK / Light Worsted / 8ply using a 4mm hook

Chain 10 = 29cm
US SC / UK DC = 9cm
US DC / UK TRC = 12cm
US HDC / UK HTRC = 9cm
US TRC / UK Double TRC = 18cm

Aran / Worsted / 10 ply using a 5mm hook

Chain 10 = 35cm
US SC / UK DC = 11cm
US DC / UK TRC = 14cm
US HDC / UK HTRC = 12cm
US TRC / UK Double TRC = 19cm

Chunky / Bulky / 10-12ply  using a 6.5mm hook

Chain 10 = 42cm
US SC / UK DC = 9cm
US DC / UK TRC = 17cm
US HDC / UK HTRC = 13cm
US TRC / UK Double TRC = 23cm

Super Chunky / Super Bulky / 16ply+ using a 12mm hook

Chain 10 = 73cm
US SC / UK DC = 16cm
US DC / UK TRC = 27cm
US HDC / UK HTRC = 21cm
US TRC / UK Double TRC = 40cm


How do I work out how much yarn I need?

I worked out this example, using 10ply yarn with a 5mm hook. It’s baby blanket size.

Chevron Ripple Blanket: 121 chains wide = 423cm yarn needed.
115 TRC each row = 1380cm yarn needed.
60 rows to make 1m high blanket (60 rows x 1380cm) = 82,800cm yarn needed.

82,800 + 423 = 83,223

= 832 metres


Want to work out how much yarn you’ll need for different blanket sizes?

Step 1: decide what size blanket you want to make and what size yarn you think you’d like to use (check out our chart below for general sizes of each kind of blanket).

Step 2: work out how much of your yarn you’ll need per stitch. For example: if you’re making a granny square, you’ll need 3 US DC per ‘shell’, so in worsted weight yarn with a 4mm hook, you’ll need around 36cm per shell.

Step 3: work out how many shells you’ll need to make based on the size blanket you want. For example: a security blanket which is 30.5cm across will be about 12 shells wide on each side when you’re finished, so it’ll take roughly 300 shells all up (if you’re using worsted weight yarn and a 4mm hook).

Step 4: do the math – 300 shells x 36cm per shell = 10,800cm. So you’ll need about 108 metres of yarn to make the security blanket.